Friday, 30 January 2015

My Time in Showbiz

An unusual one today. I found myself in Showbiz. Low budget Brazilian soap opera to be precise, this one concerning a solo yachtsman headed into stormy waters.

Green screen technology orrrr... cheap green
polypropylene someone rushed out to buy
in the morning?

I helped out a couple of local friends, who had been hired for the green screen special effects part of the shoot. The brief was to moor their yacht in front of the a giant green screen. 

Ready for action

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Brazil Cruising Part 1

We officially reached Brazil at Fernando de Noronha, and first saw the mainland at Recife, but I didn't get any feeling for this massive country until we reached Salvador, staying on the beach and in the yacht club at the first two stops respectively.

Really, our tour of Brazil also begins with the addition to our crew of a second Ukrainian, Tanya. Russian speaking was kept to a minimum (lest Putin declare Auriga a part of Russia) and Ukrainian flags reached a maximum. Otherwise Auriga remained as British as my influence allowed.