Sunday, 1 March 2015

Brazil Cruising 4 - The long distance route to Salvador

 I think if Robert Frost were to be alive today he would rewrite “The Road not Taken” about routing decisions on a sailing yacht.* 

There is a huge oilfield lying 50 miles of the coast just outside of Buzios, and you have two options, each committing you to your chosen path for the following 48 hours: Begin by heading offshore, and go around the outside, or take the narrower inner passage. The inside route crosses shallower water, likely facing a stronger contrary current. The outside route necessitates heading South East to begin with, a path leading back into the same area of gales we faced on our way to Buzios.

Brazil Cruising 3 - Rounding the Cape

After a beautiful week spent at easy in Ilha Grande, Giulia and I were back in full passage mode. With our Brazilian odyssey coming to an end, the faster we move North and reach Salvador, our last port of call in mainland Brazil, the more time we can spend in the Caribbean.

After a good start, motoring for a few hours in a calm sea with light cloud cover reflecting a mellow sunrise, we began to sail by noon, heading upwind and making good speed with our newly cleaned hull, reaching Guanabara bay by nightfall. With dark thunder clouds building over Christ the Redeemer and a stormy entry to Rio on the cards we considered continuing onward to our next stop at Cabo Frio, and with a good forecast from Igor we hardened sheets and set best course to windward - to the cold cape.