Monday, 21 October 2013

Auriga - the story so far

Auriga is now in Ipswich. It has been exactly 3 month since we first saw her in Aguadulce. Two month since she set off on her 1800 miles voyage back to the UK.

Auriga in Aguadulce
Each of the return legs deserves a story of its own - the seven days of maintenance over 3 weekends to put her back in the water; Giulia, Matt and Dan taking Auriga through the Straits of Gibraltar and most of the way around Spain and Portugal; sailing single-handed from Vigo to Plymouth; Matt and Giulia beating for two days into easterly galesnearly sinking the boat south of St. Katherine's Point; and finally discovering that the sands in the Thames Estuary shifted a lot in the last 20 years.
On our journey, we have been helped by many people - fellow boat owners, marina staff, crews of the passing ships and radio operators. While it has taken a lot of hard work, we where lucky to find a helping hand when we most needed it.
Auriga in Ipswich
Auriga is now in Ipswich, taking the mud twice a day. It is a big change from the scorching Spanish sun and the deep waters of the Atlantic. She has taken good care of us, and now we have to take good care of her again. The list of jobs is long, as is the list of places Auriga is yet to visit.

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