Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Helping Hand

The inner forestay is in the mail, and the structural reinforcements are nearing completion (more on that in a separate post). The only problem? Until a few days ago, we had no staysail to hoist in a real blow, when our storm jib starts looking rather oversized for the job. Meet Richard Fawcett.
Richard comparing boats

Richard studied physics in Cambridge, and, as chance would have it, his J120 yacht is moored opposite Auriga at Fox's marina. Nontheless, it came as a complete surprise when he offered to check out "an old storm jib" he had kicking around his shed. A short drive later, I was holding a rather small bundle of rather thick and sail cloth. Noticably smaller than Auriga's storm jib, the sail is perfectly sized for our inner stay.
Perfect size!
 Strongly reinforced, with a high yankee cut and a high-vis orange patch, and virtually new - all it needs now is a few hanks and some wind.
Thanks Richard and good luck in the AZAB! Friends old and new make our adventure both possible and worthwhile.

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