Thursday, 5 June 2014

Putting the forepeak back together - the water tank

With any maintenance job, 90% of all efforts remain hardly noticeable until it all finally starts coming together with the last 10%. Our forepeak was long a pile of plywood and fiberglass, but now it is returning to its functional form.
Reinforced storage in the forepeak
After we glassed in old and new bulkheads solidly, and applied a few layers of white flowcoat to the sides, it was time to put the water tank back. First, we eliminated the filler pipe that was previously passing through the anchor locker.
Old filler plugged, breather pipe ready
Next, we had to find a way to secure the tank in place. Like all other things, it must withstand some pounding without shifting, resist an inversion, and be easily serviceable. We settled for an arrangement of battens, one screwed to the reinforced bulkhead aft of the water tank and one spanning the width of the tank further forward. The latter also provides additional support for the bunk board.
Forward mount, breather pipe, and the anchor locker drain
Aft mount and filler lid
Tank fixed in place
All wooden parts are coated with polyester or epoxy resin, and the bunk boards provides access to both the screwed tank lid, and the ball valve passing through the bottom of the watertight bulkhead.
We can now step a meter or two aft, and proceed with the heads and other plumbing.

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