Sunday, 29 June 2014

Storm Staysail - Ready to Hoist!

The staysail, kindly donated by Richard F., is ready for it's next big adventure. Initially equipped with a luff tape and a head strop to be hoisted on a boat's main forestay, it had to be adapted to Auriga. As explained before, we decided to have hanked-on headsails throughout. Further, the luff extended with the strop was too long for our inner forestay. Thus, we had to shorten it while keeping the full-strength eye for attaching the halyard, and insert stainless grommets and hanks along the length of the luff. While Matt was preparing for his viva, I made best use of Richard B.'s living room to work on the staysail, as well as to finish stitching on the remaining jibs.
Head strop for longer luff foil

Unpicking layers of tape
Adding the leather chafe patch
Chafe patch on the inside tape layer
Finished eye - three layers of tape, extendind down the head to spread the loads
Twin hanks near the head - other hanks are 60cm apart

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