Sunday, 10 August 2014

Final Preparations - A Tour

Yacht Auriga and crew are ready to leave as soon as the weather moderates. You can follow our adventures on the live tracker, starting Monday morning!

Matt, Giulia and Igor

For now, enjoy a mini-tour of Auriga - in sailing condition for the first time since last summer!

The bow cabin with new cushions and rope storage on the sides. Below the forward cushion is the water tank. Firther aft, storage containing storm sails, sea anchor and drogue.
The boat's library: Sailing book, Melville, Bulgakov, Dickens, ... Bottom shelf also gives access to the mast wiring loom.
The chart table, containing all our charts. VHF, battery switch, circuit breaker panels, 12V sockets, GPS, depth sounder, SSB receiver all mounted within easy reach. Along the side, pockets store essentials: emergency VHF aerial, handheld VHF, PLB, handheld GPS, searchlight, binoculars, fog horn etc. Below, drawers hold essential tools, spares and stationery. Below the seat are spare winch handles, bilge pump handles, fire extinguishers and the engine crank.
The galley. Two-burner gas cooker with an oven and a grill. The sink has a fresh water and a sea water tap, fed from two foot pumps. Pots and pans store below the cooker, the cupboard holds plates and cutlery, as well as tea, coffee etc. Further storage is available under the sink and in the large cupboards behind the sink and cooker.
The jibs are hanked onto the forestay, making hoisting, dropping and flaking easier.
The wind generator didn't let the battery voltage drop during our test sail on the Orwell.

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