Monday, 24 November 2014

Odds, ends and mementos on Auriga

Sorry, a slightly sentimental entry here, and nothing at all to do with adventures or recent progress. It is one I meant to write while we were doing maintenance and never got around too, so while I wait in Sal, preparing for the Atlantic crossing, I thought I would catch up.


Of course, given the owners, there had to be a CUYC burgee, and we have flown it since the start. Now, the small question is why it is a standard club burgee, and not a commodore burgee? I know it is not correct, in terms of nautical etiquete, and I can't say I can fully explain myself on this one (and I don't think the other two understand either). After all, the club presented me with a commodore burgee on leaving which we could well use. To try and explain: although I spent a short time as commodore, to me this trip represents more of a culmination (of lesson learned, and friends made) of my whole 7 years in CUYC, from yachting beginner to yacht owner, and, moreover, the three of us have done such a variety of things for the club: various committee positions, instructing, maintenance etc. that the standard club flag represents our joint involvement better than one representing a particular 6 months of my time on the committee. Also, I think I like the look better of the triangle burgee!

Hag Stone.

A gift from Rob and Elaine, sailors, and friends (or are we adopted children?) we made while living on Auriga in Fox's marina. They gave us this token to bring us luck on our voyage. At times we may have complained about strong winds, but nothing has been strong enough to cause us actual worry, so, I guess it's working!! I can't quite remember the details of how/why it works, but, Rob wouldn't steer us wrong, so it must be good. Until very recently it also had a feather tucked in it to remind us our missing crew member (you'll have to ask Giulia to explain that one...) Sadly it has drifted away recently and can't be found. Maybe our luck will diminish as a result?


Our Ensign comes all the way from the Caribbean. Yes, the tatty one that came with the yacht had also travelled, on Auriga, to the Caribbean and back. This particular one, however, was plucked out from the sea by myself and my sister while sailing a dingy on a family holiday to Grenada as teenagers. It has lived at home ever since, with the agreement that whichever of us first gets a suitable boat gets to keep it. Well, I won it seems, so now it flies on the stern of Auriga.


This photo of a sunset has always been glued to the wall in the corner. It came with the boat, and we have never thought to take it down. I guess we would have to ask Diana, the previous owner, where and when it was taken, as it is now a mystery. For now it has become as much a part of Auriga as the mast, or many familiar leaks.

Update: Since writing this blog entry I have now mounted a speaker in the corner for the new sound system, and it covers half the photo. Auriga is always developing and improving!


Also a stowaway from when we bought Auriga. We have named him Cornelius. Maybe he is a favourite of Diana and is missed? (If you were to read this, and want him back, let me know.) For now he is been very welcome to tag along. It's a pity he never got introduced to Elaine's children. I think they would have got on very well.

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