Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Having taken everything we wanted to keep dry back to Cambridge for safe keeping, disaster struck this weekend. My basement flooded!*

All the cushions, other soft furnishings, rope, some wood, the cooker, some electric kit, the anchor - all of it ended up in 10cm of water!

I put it in there to keep it dry!

After an afternoon of wading through water to bring everything out, it seems to be safe and dry again. It's now taking up half of my room... A side effect: my room does smell strongly of boat. That could be good or bad, depending on your outlook on life.

Who needs floor space?
A wardrobe full of rope
Every student has a cupboard for fibreglass spares and a sewing machine?

*Yes, I realise many many people have a lot more trouble with flooding at the moment. Those with homes underwater probably don't feel very sympathetic to some student whos boat stuff got a little damp. I'm still going to call this a disaster!

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