Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Moving Home

This week we upgraded our home. We moved out of the "budget" marina into the slightly more upmarket Fox's. Mainly as we weren't happy with resting in the mud every low tide, but also in search of more reliable electricity and with thoughts of moving onto the boat one day soon. Fox's has a warm shower and a bar. Also, CUYC's boats, Kestrel and Puffin, are moored in Fox's so we can help with work on these boats while we are on Auriga.

Our old home - quaint, but lacking electricity...

The passage was an epic half-mile motor in the sun. Not far, but as Igor pointed out, it did take us a little closer to the equator.

A sunny passage, and, best of all, the motor worked!

An interesting sight, moored in the Orwel Yacht Club next to Fox's: the red boat here is another one we seriously considered buying, and had a long look around. In the end the design wasn't to our taste, and it was a little expensive. It also needed a lot more maintenance to make it ocean worthy.

Our second choice yacht

Our new home. We look like the odd boat out right now, in a state of mid-repair surrounded by all these fancy motor cruisers.

Home for a while.

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